Our Mission

Honest To Goodness Natural Deli was created by Deli Brands of America, a fourth-generation family company that began when our grandfather, Harry Saval, opened his one-man shop on Baltimore’s historic Corned Beef Row nearly a century ago. Over the decades, our family and our company have naturally grown, but we’ve never lost sight of the values that shaped us.


Honest Ingredients

At Honest To Goodness Natural Deli, we believe food should make you feel good. Our ingredient lists read like family recipes: only simple everyday ingredients you know how to pronounce, like beef, garlic, salt, and pepper. And just like generations before us, we don’t rely on antibiotics, artificial ingredients, or additives either.

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Delicious Goodness

When your roots are in Baltimore’s historic Corned Beef Row, you know a thing or two about crafting delicious deli meats. Like how to choose a cut of meat to ensure that rich Old-World flavor. Or how to slice a corned beef just right to achieve the perfect texture. (It’s not easy!)

For years, we’ve been perfecting the craft of making authentic Old World deli meats. This is what we do…and it’s what we do well.

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Giving Back

At Honest to Goodness Natural Deli, we believe in doing whatever we can to make this world a better place. Creating our natural, good-for-your-family meats is a start. But we believe we can—and should—do so much more. It’s why we support more than a dozen partners across our community, including:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • Maryland Food Bank
  • DC Central Kitchen
  • March of Dimes
  • Children’s Cancer Foundation

Your purchase helps us bring a little more “goodness” into the world every day. Thank you for joining us in our mission.